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Let’s be honest.
No one enjoys thinking about what life would be like if we became incapacitated.  And when it comes to our elderly parents?  Most people are reluctant to have these conversations with Mom or Dad.

Do You Know What REALLY Happens?

I'm sure you've heard of stories in the news where a person becomes incapacitated. Suddenly their life and the lives of their loved ones spin out of control.  They no longer make their own decisions.  And, you may be shocked to discover, if the right legal documents aren’t in place their loved ones may not make those choices either.

The court may have to appoint a guardian.  The guardian could be someone who doesn't know your loved one (maybe Mom or Dad) or their wishes, makes all the health care and financial decisions while family members stand helplessly on the sidelines.

Surprised?  Most of my clients are.

Elder Law is About
Preventing Headaches Later

My practice is focused in "Elder Law."  I help clients with the legal documents you need (or perhaps your elderly parents need) to put your affairs in order.  So, when a debilitating illness strikes, your family and the people you love don't become a victim of the legal system. 

An astounding 85 percent of the Guardianship cases I handle happen because people don't have these documents in place.  The other 15 percent of those cases are due to elder exploitation.  Shocking, but true.

How to Avert a Nightmare

With legal documents called a “Health Care Proxy” and a “Durable Power of Attorney” in place you retain some control by choosing a person you trust (usually a loved one) to make your health care and financial decisions if and when you need such help.  It’s a great example of how “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Everyone should consider having these documents in their arsenal of important papers. 
Chances are you already have a will.  A will is a loving gesture towards your family so your wishes are made clear and your loved ones don’t have to wonder what you would have wanted.  The legal documents I help my clients with, like the Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney, are also a loving gesture that assures your wishes are respected and protected during that thorny time when incapacity strikes.

You’ll Breathe Easier
Knowing You’ve Done the Right Thing

Preventing problems before they occur is critically important.  And, if you have an elderly parent or another relative experiencing challenges with Medicaid or asset protection, I can answer your questions.

When an elderly loved one is going through a difficult illness and decisions must be made – you have enough to worry about. You’ll know you’ve done the right things and breathe easier when the complex legal matters have been taken care of and you can focus on your family once again.   
Sincerely Yours,

Lori Somekh, JD

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